MTC (Member Trade Coin) is NOT an ICO.
It’s NOT grown by a software algorithm.
It’s NOT just another crypto among crypto’s. It’s a MOVEMENT.


MTC was created out of a desire to help people.
MTC was created with the intention to grow and appreciate in value based on hard, tangible assets and investments.
MTC was created to be viable and usable from day one.
MTC was created to let you keep YOUR dollars in YOUR pocket.



You now have the opportunity to make a LOT of money with MTC. You yourself can sell MTC coins but WITHOUT depleting your wallet! Please watch video below to learn more!

Cryptocurrency Social Trading

Our Trade Alliance

Our Trade Alliance called Merchant Member Services is a platform where merchants and vendors use “Trade Dollars” to purchase goods and services with.  This is not a new concept, and in fact is used in communities all around the world. It is commonly known as “complementary” currency (in complement to the local fiat). This concept is similar to the old “barter” system where merchants buy and sell goods and services from one another with trade dollars rather than USD.

What does this have to do with MTC?

Our alt-currency will be able to be spent and used on the same Trade Alliance platform as the trade dollars. A member will be able to purchase trade dollars with MTC as well as pay directly to some merchants on the platform who are willing to accept MTC outright. Hundreds of products and services will be available for members to spend their MTC on!


Become a Member!

Cost: $20 Wallet Fee + Coin Purchase: $20-$999 

Member Benefits

  • ​No Membership Fees
  • Join at Any Amount
  • Coin Increases in Value
  • Viable from the Beginning
  • Use on Trade Platform
  • Purchase Goods & Services

Become a Shareholder!

Cost: $20 Wallet Fee + Share(s): $1000 each

Shareholder Benefits

  • No Membership Fees
  • Receive an Actual Share Certificate
  • Earn Dividends on Both Companies
  • Join at Any Amount
  • Coin Increases in Value
  • Viable from the Beginning
  • Use on Trade Platform
  • Purchase Goods & Services

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Trade produces new business and allows you to expand your market. Secondly, trade conserves cash. Instead of spending cash to purchase needed goods and services, you can trade your own goods and services. Therefore, cash stays in your business for other purposes. Finally, trade lets you put idle resources to work. Excess time, excess inventory and excess capacity are converted into needed goods or services.​ 

And you buy at wholesale!

If your goods or services cost you 50 cents on the dollar then when you buy something, as an example advertising for $1000.00 your real cost for that ad is $500.00. So what is smart, barter it for $1000.00 or write a check for $1000.00?​

Members use trade credits instead of cash to do business together. If a member sells $100.00 of goods and services to another trade member, that member will receive $100.00 in trade credits, which can then be used to purchase a variety of goods and services from other members. Hotel rooms, resorts, restaurants, advertising, printing and many other goods and services can be obtained with trade credits. 

Nationally, there are over 300,000 businesses, most of them small, currently involved in barter. Based on present trends, 1.2 million businesses will be engaged in barter in North America within a decade. It is estimated that 75% of the Fortune 500 Companies engage in barter in some form or another.

We work very hard seeking out new members to be a part of our system that other members have either requested or referred.  

​We credit a member’s account $100 in cash for referrals that join the system.  This helps everyone.  C’mon – everyone know a business that would make a good candidate to barter – why not refer them!

Make a list of your needs. List everything you normally spend cash on. Do not limit yourself to one or two time item purchases. Use your checkbook as a memory tool. Also, think of your personal needs. If you regularly take cash out of the business for personal living expenses, travel or home improvements — you should consider using the trade income you have accumulated, and save your cash for goods and services the barter network cannot easily acquire.

Additionally,​ We ​are committed to continually look for avenues to better itself and the items available to our members.  ​We are linked up with ​The Trade Alliance which offers a plethora of goods and services available all over the United States as well as internationally.  How much easier can it be than to shop from your computer – using TRADE DOLLARS?

Ideally, members should always be on the “lookout” for new products and services that they need through the barter system.  Afterall, you joined with the intention of saving your cash!  Some members make a sale and immediately look for something to purchase.  Others will “bank” their trade hoping to utilize it on a rainy day.  That is your choice.  However, by just selling into the system and not purchasing, it makes barter work only 50% for you.  Why not be more proactive and gain 100% barter benefits by purchasing items as well!

One of our jobs is to promote your business to other members.​ We can help promote your goods or services to other members via our directory, email broadcasts, website access and our member mixers.

Trade credit lines can be set up for members just as a bank extends credit to its qualified customers. When joining, you will be reviewed by our experienced team and assessed a credit line. Over time, your credit line may increase depending on your timely payment and need for extra credit​ or be reduced as need for a credit line reduces​.

Many members use trade credit to pay employee bonuses. Some members pay their employees a portion of their salaries in trade credit. At your request, we will set up employee sub-accounts and will assist your employees in using their trade credits as advantageously as possible. Employees need not pay a brokerage fee. This fee can be prepaid when a member transfers credit to a sub-account. It is also possible to pay some of your bills with trade credit. We can help your creditors spend their trade dollars effectively. Paying bills with trade credit is just one more creative way to use your trade credit.

Any member who quits the Exchange is given three months to spend their trade dollars. Extensions are usually granted for members with large balances.

Trade income is the same as cash income for tax purposes. There are no inherent tax advantages. Trading should be considered a marketing tool, not a tax tool. As with cash income, trade purchases that are business related are tax deductible.

In the event of this, you have to consider how much you actually invested for the trade credit you hold on your account. If your merchandise costs you fifty cents on the dollar, $10,000 worth of trade credit actually costs you $5,000. If you are a service related business, your trade credit may only cost you idle time. Always remember that you are using your goods and services when making purchases with trade credit, not your cash. It will often be less expensive to pay a little more with trade credit than to get the same article at a little less price for cash. Seasoned traders are always aware of this difference and use it to their advantage. On the other hand, if someone overprices their products or services beyond a reasonable limit, do not do business with them. Instead, call our office for another referral (if one is available) and we will address the situation with this member. 

​WE absolutely will NOT tolerate price inflating.

Absolutely! You may spend your trade credit with any trading member that belongs to our national trade network, The Trade Alliance (TTA), an international trade network with many barter groups. This gives you the ability to spend your trade credits with ten’s of thousands of other members worldwide. You may take cruises, golf in ​Costa Rica, buy an Euro-Rail Pass, or just go eat at a restaurant in Los Angeles while you on a vacation there; or stay at hotel with your trade credits. Arrangements must be made in advance through our office.